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Campus Life

PSG iTech Launchpad


  • PSG iTech Launchpad includes the Innozone and Startupzone, entities for promoting and nurturing Innovation, facilitate Pre-incubation and create Entrepreneurship awareness and enhance entrepreneurial culture
  • Through Innozone, various workshops, field Study, problem formulation and project contests are conducted.
  • Startupzone initiates events such as Idea Pitching, Entrepreneurship awareness, Meetups and Guest lectures
Vision and Objectives


To grow a highly thriving and recognised incubation ecosystem with groups of Faculty and Students nexus working on transformational technologies to address societal challenges, through impactful patents and start-ups originating from PSG iTech.


  • To promote an innovation and entrepreneurial culture with social relevance
  • To support and nurture the process of prototyping and commercialisation of deep tech startups founded within the institute
  • To provide pre-incubation space
  • To conduct entrepreneurship awareness programmes regularly and to create awareness about various new avenues.
  • To gather Innovation entrepreneurship funding and scholarship opportunities to support the initiatives
  • To conduct activities that inject Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • To facilitate faculty and students to be involved in startups and other entrepreneurial initiatives
  • To provide low-cost, resource-intensive office and lab space equipment, seed funding and mentorship
  • To provide all kinds of support to one interested in any kind of innovation.
  • To create strategic partnerships will various national and international organizations working to promote innovation.
  • To develop various skills among students required for the successful implementation of ideas.
  • To connect to experts in the respective fields to serve as mentors
Faculty co-ordinators

Dr. T.Sakthivel

AP (Sl. Gr, Civil)

Mrs. N. Susithra

AP (Sr. Gr, ECE)

Mr. S.Elayaraja

AP (Sl. Gr, Civil)


  • Centre for Innovation
  • 2400 sq.ft area, with software and hardware tools


iTech Ideathon - 2024

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Talk on "Entrepreneurship for today's youth, why and how"

Co-Chair of Yi Yuva Coimbatore Dr Vaishnavee S, gave an insightful talk at PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research focused on "Entrepreneurship for today's youth, why and how" on 10th January 2024.

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Staff-Students' Startups