TNEA Councelling Code : 2377


Careers at PSG iTech

Eligibility Norms        HR Policy  


  • Total number of vacancy positions with specializations for the next academic year will be identified by the respective HoDs and will be submitted to the Principal.
  • After getting approval from Managing Trustee for the conduct of Staff Selection, advertisements will be published in Newspaper and College Website.
  • Applications will be shortlisted by the respective HoDs, and summary will be submitted to the Principal.
  • Interview dates will be finalized based on the availability of the Management Representative and the subject expert members.
  • The shortlisted applicants will be mailed informing the interview date and time and the materials they need to carry for the interview.
  • On completion of the interview, the details of the selected and waitlisted candidates will be sent to Managing Trustee for approval.
  • After getting approval from Managing Trustee, individual mails will be sent to the selected and waitlisted candidates.
  • Appointment orders will be given to the selected candidates in person.


  • Qualifications for various posts shall always be in accordance with the norms prescribed by AICTE/ Anna University from time to time.
  • Employees appointed shall be on Probation for a period of 2 years and only after satisfactory completion of the probation, their services will be confirmed.

Information for New Faculty

  • On the date of joining, faculty members will be required to submit a joining report, duly signed by Principal and HoD.
  • Employee Number, College ID Card and Academic Calendar will be issued to the newly joined faculty members. They will be required to open an account in the Central Bank of India. Details regarding PF and Income Tax will be given to them.
  • On successful completion of the above procedures, they will be directed to their respective departments.


  • Salary payable to employee is formulated by the Management from time to time.
  • Salary will be credited to the account maintained in the Bank by the employee on the last working day of each month.
  • Salary is computed as Total Salary = (Basic salary + AGP) + DA and DA is computed as (Basic salary + AGP) * appropriate DA in percentage/100.

Provident Fund

  • Employees are governed by the Employees Provident Fund Miscellaneous Act 1952.


  • Employees are governed by the Gratuity Act 1972.

Employee’s State Insurance

  • Employees are governed by the Employee’s State Insurance Act 1948.

Welfare Measures

  • Free medical camp is organized.
  • Group Insurance is offered to faculty and staff members.
  • Computer with internet facility to all faculty members.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to do Ph.D and research work.

Age of Superannuation

  • The age of superannuation shall be 70 years and the faculty member will be relieved from the services at the end of that academic year.
  • The Management reserves its right to extend the service of a superannuated employee on yearly basis and/or appoint superannuated candidate on contract basis.


  • Any member of the faculty/ staff, in permanent service, shall give 3 months’ notice in case he/she desires to be relieved on resignation, or in the alternative he/she shall pay 3 months’ salary in lieu thereof. The resignation shall come into force from the date from which the appointing authority accepts the resignation or the date of relief, whichever is earlier.
  • However, the appointing authority reserves the right to waive the notice period or the compensation thereof.


  • Any employee dismissed or terminated from their services for gross misconduct or for inefficiency or insubordination or causing loss of reputation or monetary loss to the Institute is not entitled to any Gratuity and/or Superannuation benefits.


  • The Management has the absolute right to place any employee under suspension for any breach of rules. During the period of suspension, the Management shall pay him/her subsistence allowance every month at the rate of ¼ of the pay which he was drawing at the time of suspension. The pay does not include DA or any other allowance payable to him/her.