TNEA Councelling Code : 2377


Learning Management System

What is Moodle?

  • It serves as a bridge lining the students and the administration.
  • Learning Management System [LMS]
  • A learning management system [LMS] is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.
  • Created by Martin Dougiamas
  • Large Community of Users and Developers
  • IUtilized by Universities, Community Colleges, Internet Education and K-12 Educators
  • It's FREE to users

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  • Online Courses
  • Supplement Face to Face Courses
  • Excellent way to enhance teaching
  • Allows you to post assignments, discussions and grades online for immediate access by parents and students

Moodle Benefits

  • Can be accessed anywhere in the World
  • Create a course website exclusively for your students
  • Upload and share materials
  • Hold online discussions and chats
  • Give quizzes, tests and take surveys
  • Disseminate, gather and review assignments
  • Record grades for students to view online
  • Online file cabinet
  • Communicate outside of the classroom