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Waste Valorization Lab


Waste valorization laboratories are pivotal in mitigating environmental pollution and resource depletion concerns by devising sustainable waste management strategies. These facilities specialize in converting various waste streams, including construction and demolition waste, agro waste, foundry waste, and industrial waste, into valuable products or resources. Specifically focused on civil engineering applications, these labs seek to develop innovative approaches for effectively managing such waste materials.

The establishment of a Waste Valorization Lab at PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research is a strategic response to the environmental challenges associated with the discharge of construction, industrial, and agro waste. By leveraging cutting-edge research, expertise, and innovation, this lab is instrumental in fostering resource efficiency and advancing sustainable building practices. Its endeavors significantly contribute to transitioning towards a more circular and environmentally responsible construction industry.


Academic research facilities serve a variety of purposes and play a crucial role in advancing knowledge and innovation across different fields. Research facilities felicitate fundamental research, applied research, experimental and testing, data collection and analysis, collaborative research and education, technology development etc. The following are the research facilities available at Waste Valorization laboratory.


Dr.M.I.Abdul Aleem

Professor and Head
Civil Department

Research Areas
Geopolymer, Waste Foundry sand

Funded Projects

Processing and Development of Hybrid Eco Friendly Raw Material For Manufacturing Indoor Lightweight Wall Panel

Funding Agency : DST-WMT, Ministry of Science and Technology, GoI
Total Project cost : 53, 97, 040/-
Duration : 3 years (31.03.2021 to 31.03.2024)

Development of Value-added green construction materials from Waste Foundry Sand

Funding Agency : DST-WMT, Ministry of Science and Technology, GoI
Total Project cost : 44,48,306/-
Duration : 3 years (Aug 2021 to Aug 2024)

Contact Details
Dr. M.I. Abdul Aleem
Waste Valorization Lab
Department of Civil Engineering
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Avinashi Road, Neelambur
Coimbatore - 641 062

Contact - 90035 89750