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Renewable Energy and Computation Fluid Dynamics Laboratory


Research on renewable energy at PSGiTech focuses on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells and Solar Thermal Conversion technologies.

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells

Facilities are available for the design, fabrication and testing of single PEM fuel cells and for stack. The heart of PEM fuel cell is the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). Three layer MEA can be fabricated using the vacuum coating facility available in the lab. Five layer MEA also can be prepared by coating the catalyst ink on to the Gas Diffusion Layer directly and by hot pressing it with the treated membrane. Different flow channels on the graphite plates can be machined using the CNC milling facility available in the lab. The cell can be assembled at the required torque using torque wrench. The Fuel cell test station facility can be used to test the fabricated cell for analysing the performance. Small stacks can also be designed and tested in the lab.

Solar Thermal (Parabolic Dish and Trough collector)

Solar thermal (parabolic dish and trough collectors) are designed for desired heating of water and air for different applications. Since solar energy is intermittent, work is also going on to store it using phase change materials.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational studies are also carried out in the lab for complementing the experimental studies. Computational studies are carried out in the areas of PEM fuel cells, Solar thermal and Electronic Cooling applications.


Dr Manoj Kumar P

Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas
PEM Fuel Cells, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr T Premkumar

Assistant Professor (Sl. Gr.),
Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas
Solar Thermal, PEM Fuel Cells, Energy auditing

Mr R Avinash Kumar

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.),
Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electronic Cooling

Mr. V G Vivek

Junior Research Fellow

Mr. Ajay E

Junior Research Fellow

Mr. Ajeev J P

Project Assistant

Funded Projects

Development of Cost-Effective 2.5 kW PEM Fuel Cell Stack based on Less-Pt Bimetallic Electrocatalysts and Mesoporous Carbon support materials

Funding Agency : Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Total Project cost : 386.46 Lakhs | 65.78 Lakhs (PSGiTech)
Duration : 2 years (2023 November to 2025 October)

Development of durable, mesoporous, TiN@nitrogen doped carbon nanostructured support materials with less Pt electrocatalysts for high performance, low cost PEM fuel cells.

Funding Agency : Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
Total Project cost : 53.9 Lakhs | 3.85 Lakhs (PSGiTech)
Duration : 3 years (2020 till present)

Contact Details
Renewable Energy and Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Avinashi Road, Neelambur
Coimbatore - 641 062

Dr Manoj Kumar P - 9444038978 |

Mr Avinash Kumar R - 8943057433 |