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Polymer Engineering Laboratory


Polymer Engineering Laboratory has been established in PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research to initiate multidisciplinary research and development activities in science and engineering. The research laboratory is actively engaged in the development of polymeric materials for high performance engineering applications. The research and development activities mainly focus on:

  • Development of thermoset matrices such as epoxy, polybenzoxazines, cyanate ester, polyimides, etc.

  • Synthesis of non-toxic monomeric precursor to replace toxic bisphenol.

  • Utilization of bio-mass based phenolic precursor to replace fossil fuel feedstock.

  • Development of low temperature cure benzoxazines.

  • Development of hybrid composites.

  • Fabrication of low dielectric polymeric and composite materials.

  • Coating of superhydrophobic materials for corrosion resistant, oil-water separation and anti-icing.

  • Development of environmental friendly, bio-mass composites for acoustic absorption.

  • Hybrid electrode materials for energy storage applications.


Prof. M. Alagar

Research Mentor

Dr. G. Latha

Associate Professor & Head (i/c)

Department of Chemistry

Dr. K. Balaji

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Dr. R Sasikumar

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Department of Chemistry

Dr. K Arunkumar

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Mr. K. Mohamed Mydeen

Research Scholar

Ms. A. Subasri

Research Scholar

Ms. M. Priyanka

Research Scholar

Ms. S. Harinei

Research Scholar

Mr. D. Poornesh

Research Scholar

Ms. M. Janapriya

Research Scholar

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Polymer Engineering Laboratory
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Avinashi Road, Neelambur
Coimbatore - 641 062

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