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Career Development Centre

Vision of CDC

Our vision at the Career Development Center is to shape future leaders, fostering a dynamic community where every individual's career aspirations transform into impactful realities. We envision a world where our commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized guidance propels individuals toward their fullest professional potential.

Mission of CDC
  • The role of the CDC is to support students in discovering career and major options, guiding them through effective job search strategies, and linking them to exciting employment opportunities.
  • Delivering top-notch career development services and resources that cater to students at every step of their professional journey.
  • Establishing meaningful partnerships with employers and industry experts to ensure our programs and services stay relevant and responsive to the dynamic demands of the job market.

What is CDC and What we do?

Career Development Center - A hub for student empowerment and success. Our mission is to offer tailored support through Guidance, Training, and Placement. We assist students in discovering strengths, setting goals, and honing skills for professional excellence. we're dedicated to arming students with the tools for confident pursuit of aspirations and long-term career triumphs. Join us on this transformative journey—where aspirations become achievements.


The Career Development Center (CDC) aims to inspire, train, and support students in achieving successful careers. Its primary objectives include guiding graduates and postgraduates towards suitable career opportunities, assisting with higher studies and competitive exam preparation, and fostering industry-institute interactions. The CDC plays a pivotal role in counselling, addressing both academic and career concerns. Aligned with the institutional vision, it empowers students by instilling a positive attitude, providing valuable resources, and enhancing employability skills. Through career guidance and counselling, the CDC contributes to the socio-economic integration of students, ensuring they are well-prepared for their professional journeys.

  • Facilitate students in discovering job opportunities aligned with their intended career paths.
  • Cultivate lifelong skills that empower students to pursue jobs, internships, apply to graduate school, and navigate career transitions.
  • Assist students in understanding their strengths and interests, guiding them in identifying career goals, and strategically planning career paths that integrate strengths, values, and hobbies.
  • Prioritize leadership development, entrepreneurship, enhanced decision-making abilities, and teamwork within the CDC's focus to further enrich students' professional growth.

CDC Functions:

At the CDC, we strive to provide support for students to succeed in their careers by offering practical insights and valuable resources.

Training & Placement Calendar:

Please be advised that the CDC Calendar attached below is subject to changes. We kindly ask that you stay updated on any revisions that may occur. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Trainings Offered:

The Career Development Centre (CDC) is dedicated to fostering an environment that inspires students to extend their perspectives beyond the confines of the classroom, equipping them with essential skills to excel in their chosen fields.

Placement Process:

The Career Development Centre is committed to empowering students to achieve their career goals and provides comprehensive support throughout the placement process. The placement process facilitated by the CDC office is an essential step for students. It is highly recommended that students adhere to this process to ensure they are on the right track.

Recruitment Process:
  • Companies are invited to the college by the placement team.
  • To the responding companies, the details of the final year students opting for placement are sent as per their requirement.
  • Mutually Convenient Date is finalized for campus recruitment.
  • After confirmation by the company, a pre-placement talk is arranged.
  • The company conducts test and/or group discussion to short list the interested students.
  • The short-listed students are then interviewed for final selection by the company.
  • The result is announced after the selection process.

  • Pickups/Drops from/to the railway station or airport can be arranged by the Placement Office on request if the place of stay is the institute guest house.
  • Accommodation/Food are provided at the institute guest house on Prior Intimation and the costs for these are borne by the college. In case the Company wishes to stay outside the campus, arrangements will be made on request.
  • State-of-the-art facilities suitable for the Pre-Placement Talk, Written Tests, Group Discussions and Activities & Personal Interviews are available.
  • If a company desires to hold online tests for the candidates, the arrangements will be made in the Computer Center on prior intimation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Career Development Center (CDC) will communicate the upcoming schedule. Once it is confirmed, especially for tests and interviews, refrain from submitting queries seeking the upcoming schedule.

Engaging in any form of cheating, copying, malpractices, or misbehavior during placement training and drives will result in immediate termination from the training and drive.

Only one offer as per the CDC policies. If a student receives more than one offer in a session / day and if there is a delay in the announcement of results by some companies, the student is bound to accept the job offer of the company whose results are declared in time.

The recruiting company holds the authority to establish the eligibility criteria, and the Career Development Center (CDC) does not influence this decision. It's important to note that there will be no exceptions or relaxation granted concerning the eligibility criteria. Candidates are expected to meet the specified criteria set by the recruiting company without any deviations.

Rounding off your percentage or CGPA is not permitted. It is important to update the exact percentage of marks or CGPA. Failure to do so will result in serious consequences.

Upon registration, successful completion of the entire procedure is mandatory. Failure to meet this condition will result in exclusion from participation in any recruitment processes. Eligibility to attend the upcoming company recruitment drive is granted only upon successful completion of the process. If the company rejects your application during the selection process, permission to participate in the next recruitment process will be granted.

Upon announcement of results by the Career Development Center (CDC), declining the offer is not allowed, and your selection is deemed final. Subsequent placement drives will be inaccessible once you secure a position with a company. If you choose to decline, participation in further drives will not be permitted.

Students are responsible for updating their CGPA in the Pat portal. They must submit the corresponding proof to the departmental placement coordinator. The information will then be officially communicated to the Career Development Center. Upon verification of your CGPA, you will be permitted to participate in placement drives.

The recruiting company conducts shortlisting based on multiple parameters, not limited to CGPA alone.

Attendance in placement training classes is compulsory, as it plays a pivotal role in qualifying for campus recruitments. Each student is required to maintain a minimum of 80% cumulative attendance in every training program. This attendance criterion applies not only to individual training sessions but also to the overall attendance throughout the four-year program, along with placement assessment marks aligning with our placement policy.

Failing to meet the Career Development Centre policy renders the student ineligible to participate in on-campus recruitments.

The Career Development Centre (CDC) will make an effort to schedule recruitments without any conflicts. In case of timing clashes, it is important to adhere to the CDC's instructions regarding the same.

Yes on getting placed on-campus, you will be asked to submit the necessary documents to the respective department, and a copy of these documents must be submitted to the Career Development Centre (CDC).

Students are required to adhere to a dress code during any interaction with a company. Both male and female students should maintain a well-groomed appearance and wear tidy business attire.

Students should be present 20 minutes before the scheduled time at the venue. Please be advised that arriving late for the scheduled drive may result in your disqualification from the selection process.

Students Testimonial
About the support rendered by CDC & College

Recruiters Testimonial
About the Performance of the students and support rendered by CDC & College.
CDC Policies
  • Students who are interested in placements and with NO current backlogs can register for campus placement. Students having backlog are advised to clear the backlogs and then register to the Career Development Centre through the Department Placement Coordinator.
  • Regular attendance is crucial, and students are encouraged to achieve an attendance rate of at least 80% in each training program. The cumulative attendance over the first three years will significantly impact eligibility for on-campus placement drives, which will be tentatively starting after the 6th semester exams.
  • The Career Development Center (CDC) reserves the right to qualify or disqualify students based on training attendance and placement assessment scores. The CDC's decision is final.
  • Campus placement is a facility provided for the students. Registration is not compulsory. Students are informed to mark their placement willingness and submit the form through your Head of the Department.
  • Students should read announcements, visit company website and apply only if interested. Apply through PAT Portal, complete process after opt-in. Withdrawing leads to debarment from future placement drives
  • The CDC reserves the right to modify the minimum CGPA criterion for placement registration, provided there is any change insisted from the company. In such instances, students failing to meet the revised CGPA requirement will be de-registered from the respective placement drive.
  • If a student breaches the Career Development Center's policy, the CDC reserves the authority to restrict the student from participating in placement drives and training sessions.
  • Any queries about procedures or rules, please direct your inquiries to the CDC.

The placement office is well equipped and is designed to smoothly handle and support the placement procedure at every stage. Arrangements for interviews, group discussions and pre-placement talks are handled by the staff at the placement office.

The following are available to aid the smooth conducting of the process:

  • Well furnished rooms for interviews and group discussions.
  • Fully Interconnected and computerized office.
  • Student placement volunteers to assist on the day of visit and through the selection process.
  • Video conferencing facilities.
  • Students Waiting Hall.
Core Team
Mr. P. Balakumar

Placement Officer

Mr. S. Sudharsan Srinivasan

Assistant Manager - Corporate Relations & Placement

Dr. V Sutharshan

Assistant Placement Officer

Mr. T Prakash

Assistant Placement Officer

Department of Civil Engg.
Mr. P. Balakumar

Placement Coordinator

Mr. V K Varun

Students Representative

Ms. Aarthi

Students Representative

Department of Computer Science and Engg.
Mr. C. P. Shabariram

Placement Coordinator

Mr. Karthikeyan

Students Representative

Ms. D Varshha

Students Representative

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg.
Mr. M. Sathiyanathan

Placement Coordinator

Mr. S Arnesh

Students Representative

Ms. V Swathika

Students Representative

Department of Electronics and Communication Engg.
Mr. K. Paldurai

Placement Coordinator

Mr. R Thanuj

Students Representative

Ms. Nithila Shri

Students Representative

Department of Mechanical Engg.
Mr. T. Prem Kumar

Placement Coordinator

Mr. R Ram Viknesh

Students Representative

Mr. Hari Haresh

Students Representative

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