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Nano-Crystal Design and Application Lab (n-DAL)


Nowadays, engineered nanoscale materials play a crucial role in energy, environment, and medical field for next-generation device fabrication. Numerous efforts have been focused on developing new nanomaterials for advanced engineering applications. Nanoparticles with required dimension, morphology, and size can be designed at Nano–Crystal Design and Application Lab (n-DAL) for energy, optoelectronic, and health care device applications. Gram scale synthesis of semiconducting, luminescent ceramics, and bio nanomaterials is possible with methods such as hydrothermal, co-precipitation, sol-gel, thermal decomposition, and hot injection method. In addition to the synthesis facility, Cell culture laboratory is established specially for cancer cells with incubation and imaging facilities as a part of application of nanomaterials.

Nano–Crystal Design and Application Lab (n-DAL) was established in PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research to initiate nanoparticle design research and development activities in the area of Science and Engineering. This lab is actively engaged in the development of nano materials for potential application in energy, environment and health care application.


Dr. D Thangaraju

Associate Professor
Department of Physics

Research Areas
Nanotechnology, Nano Energy, NanoBio Technology

Ms. S. Priyadharshini

Research Scholars

Ms. S. Govearthini

Research Scholars

Ms. S. Bagavathy

Research Scholars

Dr. Nandooru Abhiram

Research Scholars

Funded Projects

Development of lead-free all-inorganic halide perovskites embedded silica nanomatrix for bioimaging applications

Funding Agency : DST-SERB-ECR, India
Total Project cost : 48,95,411/-
Duration : Completed (2018-2021)

Solution-processed up-conversion luminescent nanoparticle self-assembly for development of electron beam excitation assisted high-resolution optical microscope

Funding Agency : India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme, India
Total Project cost : 5,38,200/-
Duration : On Going (2023-2025)

Contact Details
Dr D Thangaraju
nano-crystal Design and Application Lab (n-DAL)
Department of Physics
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Avinashi Road, Neelambur
Coimbatore - 641 062