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Center for Teaching Learning Practices


PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research is committed to fostering a culture of perpetual learning and pursuing educational excellence. In alignment with this dedication, we are delighted to introduce the Centre for Teaching Learning Practices (CTLP). Established in March 2015 as a Center of Practice, this dynamic initiative aims to enhance teaching methodologies, foster collaborative learning, and nurture a community of dedicated educators. CTLP encompasses various facets of teaching, including pedagogy, innovative teaching research, laboratory projects, and assessment techniques.

About CTLP

The CTLP Forum serves as a pivotal center for educators dedicated to enhancing their teaching methods and enriching the academic atmosphere. Established with the aim of advocating innovative and impactful teaching approaches, the Centre for Teaching and Learning Practices (CTLP) assists PSGiTech educators in developing student-centered learning experiences of exceptional quality. This support is provided through orientation sessions, training programs, mentorship opportunities, as well as avenues for research and innovation

  • To become a premier hub for academic excellence, nurturing a culture of continual enhancement in teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Strengthening faculty capacity in curriculum design and scientific evaluation.
  • Facilitating an expedited teaching-learning process by promoting independent, critical, and imaginative thinking.
  • Assisting the teaching fraternity in fostering subject-specific research for advancement.

  • To disseminate and support effective and emerging teaching and learning techniques through diverse pedagogical methods.
  • To provide orientation and training programs for staff skill development.
  • To promote various initiatives aimed at benefiting the teaching-learning community.
  • To support faculty and students to accomplish learning outcomes and become future-ready.
Professional Initiatives

Pedagogy Guest Lectures: Engage faculty and supporting staff with insightful guest lectures on pedagogical topics to enhance their teaching methodologies.

Micro Teaching Practices: Facilitate hands-on micro-teaching sessions led by expert teams, providing faculty members with practical insights and opportunities for improvement.

Technical Sessions on Emerging Areas: Offer technical sessions in emerging fields such as Python programming (basic and advanced levels) and MATLAB-based sessions to facilitate skill development.

Hands-on Experience: Ensure participants gain practical skills applicable to their teaching domains through hands-on experiences during technical sessions.

FDP Information Dissemination: Disseminate information about Faculty Development Programs (FDP) held at various locations to encourage faculty to explore and enhance their teaching methodologies.

National Exposure: Encourage faculty members to attend FDPs in other states to gain exposure to diverse teaching methodologies and promote continuous learning at a national level.

Research Seminars: Host research seminars where faculty members can present their ongoing research projects, exchange ideas, and collaborate on interdisciplinary research initiatives, promoting a culture of research excellence within the institution.
Mentoring & Guidance

Peer Observation and Feedback: Implement a peer observation program where faculty members can observe each other's teaching practices and provide constructive feedback, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Best Practice Sharing Sessions: Organize regular sessions where faculty members can share their best teaching practices and innovative approaches, promoting cross-disciplinary learning and inspiration.

Mentoring Program: Establish a mentoring program where experienced faculty members mentor newer colleagues, providing guidance, support, and sharing of expertise to facilitate professional growth.

Student Feedback Mechanism: Implement a structured student feedback mechanism to gather feedback on teaching effectiveness and student learning experiences, providing valuable insights for faculty reflection and improvement.
Programmes Conducted

One day Workshop on "நமக்கு நாமே தூண்டுகோலாக" - 18th May 2024

The Centre for Teaching Learning Practices (CTLP) of PSGiTech organized a one-day workshop titled "நமக்கு நாமே தூண்டுகோலாக" for our supporting staff members

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Five Day Faculty Development Programme on "Mentoring and Counselling Skills for Teacher" - 19th to 23rd February 2024

The Centre for Teaching-Learning Practices (CTLP) in association with National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR), Chennai, organised a Five Day Faculty Development Programme on "Mentoring and Counselling Skills for Teachers" from 19th - 23rd February, 2024.

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Teaching Learning Practice Micro Teaching - 3rd & 4thth November 2023

The Micro Teaching Evaluation, conducted during November 3-4, 2023, aimed to assess and enhance the teaching skills of faculty members at PSGiTech. This evaluative process focused on providing constructive feedback and insights to educators participating in microteaching sessions.

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Orientation Programme on Teaching-Learning Pedagogy in PSG iTech - 28th October 2023

On October 28, 2023, PSG iTech conducted an Orientation Programme on Teaching-Learning Pedagogy, organized by the Centre for Teaching-Learning Practices. A total of 22 faculty members from Engineering departments, Science, and Humanities actively participated in the program.

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Advisory Committee
Dr. P V. Mohanram


Dr. N Saravanakumar


Faculty Coordinators
Dr. V. Chitra

Associate Professor
Dept. of Mathematics

Mr. M Jothibasu

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Dept. of ECE


Dr. V. Chitra - 0422-3933439

Dr. M Jothibasu - 0422-3933471