TNEA Councelling Code : 2377


Why PSG iTech?

  • PSG Institutions stand out as bastions of holistic development, seamlessly integrating growth, excellence, equality, and ethics to nurture the leaders of tomorrow for the development of national progress. PSGiTech is renowned for its unwavering commitment to values and technical education, underscored by a strong emphasis on learning and facilitating industry engagement among students. At the heart of PSGiTech's success lies its innovative teaching pedagogy, meticulously crafted by a dynamic faculty dedicated to excellence.

  • PSGiTech secures the top rank in Academic Performance among 400+ non-autonomous Engineering Institutions under Anna University.

  • The Centre for Teaching Learning Practices provides faculty with comprehensive pedagogical training, ensuring effective teaching methods.

  • Delivers value-added and skill development initiatives for students, with a focus on integrating the latest industry advancements into the curriculum.

  • The institution is well-equipped with fully furnished laboratories and testing facilities, developed in collaboration with leading industries.

  • The institution maintains an enduring interface between industry and academia, encouraging sturdy collaboration. Additionally, it strengthens partnerships with universities abroad, enhancing students' global exposure and opportunities.

  • Each subject's syllabus is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics pertinent to the discipline, and providing a solid foundation for engineering students.

  • Students are presented with abundant opportunities through diverse associations and club activities, complemented by yoga training, a well-equipped gym and an indoor stadium for holistic development.