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Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

About the Department

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS) is an exponentially emerging area in computer Science which consists of a set of tools and techniques used to extract useful information from data. AI&DS is a fast growing discipline and is full of rigorous practical analysis. The demand for undergraduates in AI and DS has experienced an increasing demand in the Global market over the last few years. Building human-level thought processes through the creation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the state-of-the-art in Computer Science. Intelligent machines are influenced by emerging technologies, smart devices, sensors, computing power, faster data processing, huge storage and human-machine interaction capabilities. Data Science (DS) is an interdisciplinary field with the ability to extract knowledge/insights from data - be it structured, unstructured, or semi-structured data. AI with DS, is in demand with the extensive usage of smart phones, innovations in social media, online banking, etc.., and more efficient and powerful solutions to smart environments including Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science programme has been started in PSGiTech in 2022-23 with a vision to build the intellectual capital of the society through research-based education, creating new knowledge and innovations. This program has a comprehensive coverage of applied mathematics used in data science and artificial intelligence while preparing the students to analyze, design and experiment solutions to problems. The curriculum targets technical and design skills, AI knowledge, and competencies needed to master strategic analytical methods and tools, and data management, with the objective of creating innovative strategies to solve challenging real-world problems.

This specialised course opens many career avenues for aspirants as Data Scientist, Knowledge Engineer, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Engineer and Research Scientist in the domains of healthcare, finance, astronomy, agriculture, data security, entertainment, E-commerce, social networking, climatology, biotechnology, genetics, and many more.

The faculty members are highly motivated and devoted in delivering the highest quality professional education to students, and strive to excel in their research areas.


Dr. P. Vijayakumar
HoD (i/c)
Specialization: VLSI (Low Power), Automation
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Mr. C. Santhosh
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Specialization: Data Science, Big Data Analysis
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Mr. N. Adhithyaa
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)
Specialization: Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing
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Ms. K. Santhiya
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Data Structures, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
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Ms. S. Vandhana
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence
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Visiting Professors

Dr Kumar Rajamani
Senior Manager Algorithms, LS-SWIFT KLA,
Dr. T. Hamsapriya
M.E., Ph.D


Mr. B. S. Ajith Priyan
Junior Assistant