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Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2019 - Anna University Examinations" is 84.08% (After Review Revaluation)    
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2019 - Anna University Examinations" is 78.34% (Before Revaluation)   
Short Term Course on Analog IC Design Circuit and Layout Design Methodology Using Cadence Design Flow on 21st to 24th August, 2017

A four day workshop on Analog IC design was organised by the department of Electronics and Communication from 21st to 24th August 2017. Two resource persons Mr.Akhil Raj and Mr.Anuraj from Entuple Technologies were the trainers. The first day of training proceeded with the introduction to Integrated circuits and the evolution of the technologies in the field of Analog Integrated circuits. A clear overview of Analog design from scratch was clearly depicted. The software like Virtuoso, Assura was familiarized. The second day proceeded with the design of an amplifier using the circuit simulation software and the frequency and the phase response of the amplifier was plotted using software. The design methodology of device metrics to meet the design specification was explained. The subtle ways of characterizing a device to figure out the unknown parameter were familiarized. The workshop slowly geared up towards the nuances of using active devices as load and the efficiency improvement in such a case was put into picture. Few tasks were given to students to test their understanding. The workshop was then taken to its next level of framing the layout. Once the layout design was completed the parasitic capacitance extraction was done using the help of Assura software. Once the layout design was completely done, the final step towards the fabrication lab was the exporting of the device design. The third day was another step towards the design of the differential amplifier and the further steps regarding the export of the files. The rest of the workshop concentrated on the meritorious parameters like common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and power supply rejection ratio (PSRR). Further the noise margin calculation was also depicted. The last part of the workshop was analog mixed signal modeling which was a combination of the analog and digital circuits which are combined together. At the end of the workshop a common case study was given to all the participants so that they expertise themselves on this topic. In effect the workshop was a great eye opener for the students aspiring for a career in the field of semiconductor devices and analog IC design

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