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Pass percentage of our students during "Apr/May 2021 - Anna University Online Examinations" is 100.00%    
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "Apr/May 2021 - Anna University Online Examinations" is 100.00%   
An industrial visit to Bangalore during 5th August, 2016 and 6th August, 2016 to SOME PLACE
51 Second year B.E. Civil Engineering students along with two staff members, Mr P Balakumar and Ms K Govarthanambikai went for an industrial visit to Bangalore during 05.08.2016 and 06.08.2016 to SOME PLACE

The site we went for is Shriram It consists of 10 lakh sq. ft of carpet area with value estimation of Rs. 4000 per sq. ft. Each tower consisted of ground floor plus seven floors (G+7) and the basement area is allocated for car parking. The apartment also included sewage treatment plant with 625 kl capacity whose outlet is for flushing and gardening. The buildings were constructed based on Mivan Technology.

Mivan is an aluminum formwork system developed European construction company. In 1990, the Mivan company ltd. From Malaysia started manufacturing these formwork systems. Here the column and beam construction are eliminated and the walls and slabs are constructed in one operation.

The wall reinforcing steel is set up and the aluminum formworks are cast around the steel mesh, which is factory made and directly erected on the construction site. Along the wall reinforcing steel prefabricated room sized walls and floor slabs are erected. Spaces for windows, ducts, doors, plumbing and wiring slots are integrated in these structures. The formwork components include wall panel, rocker, kicker, stub pin, beam side panel, prop head, deck panel and deck prop.
After the form is casted, self-dynamic concrete is poured which has the ability to take the shape of the cast and fill the voids without the use of vibrators. It takes eight batches of concrete for one floor and the concrete sets in 3-4 days. Within 8-9 days the construction of one floor which includes the formwork setup, allocation of ducts for plumbing and wiring, door and window slots, the initial setting of concrete and the removal of the aluminium formwork is completed.
For plumbing trapezoidal structures are used and for wiring, the wires are taken to the switch board from a common duct through GI pulling. The slots fro the swtch board is created by inserting a plate along with the formwork so that it can be removed after the setting the concrete.
The Mivan formwork consists of relatively less labor.
The speed of construction, the building strength and the durability is increased.
The structure is seismic resistant.
The construction is of uniform quality and it requires negligible maintenance.
The fast project completion saves financing charges.

Modification is not possible as all the members are cast in RCC.
Concealed service becomes difficult due to the small thickness of the components.
The aluminum formworks are far more expensive than the conventional formworks but they can be re-used for about 150 times.
It requires uniform planning and uniform elevation.
The shrinkage cracks are likely to appear due to box type construction.
Heat of hydration is high due to shear walls.