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Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2019 - Anna University Examinations" is 84.08% (After Review Revaluation)    
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2019 - Anna University Examinations" is 78.34% (Before Revaluation)   
A Special lecture on Team Work for Preparations on 8th August 2017

A Special lecture on Team Work for Preparations was conducted for the II BE CSE students on 8.8.2017. In his lecture, Mr. Saravana Prabhu, SQC Lead, KLA Tencor Software India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai, asked the participants to identify their dream company. He projected a glimpse of video from the film "English Vinglish" to show how continuous preparation leads a person to achieve the goal in life. Only those who are good team players will be the first choice of any company. To practice team building, Mr. Prabhu asked the students to work on a project as team by identifying simple problems other than what they experiment in the lab.

Mr. Rajasekar, Software Development Manager, Amazon Development Centre, Chennai delivered a lecture on Facing Technical Interview for the III BE CSE students. He pointed out on the role of Placement Representative (PR). His motivational speech included some significant details like: placement preparation on daily basis for one full year, all 365 days; training on both technical and aptitude; dividing the students into teams as per the area of interest (Networking, Operating System, DBMS, Data Structures, Programming skill, Computer Architecture, etc.); PR to not only monitor the preparation activities but also to motivate and guide the students to fulfill the industrial need and keep on updating the placement activities among their group.

Mr. Sathya Narayana, Technology Specialist, KLA Tencor delivered a lecture on Trends in Digital Manufacturing Industry to the III BE CSE students on 8.8.2017. He focused on the major role on integrating IoT with digital manufacturing for the fastest and easiest way to transform any concept into reality.

Mr. Karthik, Senior Data Scientist and Mr. Abhishek Singh, Data Scientist, Probyto, A Data Science Company in their speech revealed that the entire future lies on Data Analytics, especially for e-governance on 9.8.2017 for the III BE CSE students. They also disclosed the importance of data science in the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and other upcoming areas also.

On the day 23rd August, 2017 Mr.Rajesh Nambiar, Program manager at Salesforce Trailhead enlightened the students of 2nd year and 3rd year BE CSE students on the Trailhead Learning platform. He elaborated on what is Salesforce Trailhead and how to get a career in Salesforce. His lecture extended on the need of innovative thinking to be a part of Salesforce and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A hands on training was given about the Salesforce and an online test was also conducted on the same day to test the understanding of students regarding Salesforce trailhead.

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