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Paper Publications - 2018
Year Authors Title Journal title Publisher DOI Document Type Indexed In Department
2018 Vijay Babu A.R.,
Manoj Kumar P.,
Srinivasa Rao G.
Parametric study of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell for investigation of enhanced performance used in fuel cell vehicles Alexandria Engineering Journal Elsevier B.V. 10.1016/j.aej.2018.03.010 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Reba P.,
Umamaheswari G.,
Suchitra G.
Performance Investigation of Interference Alignment Techniques for Underlay MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks INDICON 2018 - 15th IEEE India Council International Conference Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. 10.1109/INDICON45594.2018.8987130 Conference Paper Scopus Electronics and Communication
2018 Krishnasamy Balaji Investigation on dual effects of photosensitive liquid crystalline polyesters Journal of Material Science & Engineering Euro Polymer Chemistry 2018 Scientifictracks 10.4172/2169-0022-C10-119 Conference Paper Scopus Chemistry
2018 Aravindhan C.,
Vasudevan M.,
Arun M.
Numerical modeling on behavior of concrete under elevated temperatures International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication - Article Scopus Civil Engineering
2018 Karuppanan K.K.,
Raghu A.V.,
Panthalingal M.K.,
Ramanathan S.,
Kumaresan T.,
Pullithadathil B.
Triple phase boundary augmentation in hierarchical, Pt grafted N-doped mesoporous carbon nanofibers for high performance and durable PEM fuel cells Journal of Materials Chemistry A Royal Society of Chemistry 10.1039/c8ta02391c Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Manjuladevi R.,
Selvasekarapandian S.,
Thamilselvan M.,
Mangalam R.,
Monisha S.,
Selvin P.C.
A study on blend polymer electrolyte based on poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly (acrylonitrile) with magnesium nitrate for magnesium battery Ionics Institute for Ionics 10.1007/s11581-018-2500-z Article Scopus Physics
2018Sylajakumari P.A.,
Ramakrishnasamy R.,
Palaniappan G.
Taguchi grey relational analysis for multi-response optimization of wear in co-continuous composite Materials MDPI AG 10.3390/ma11091743 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Nammalvar P.,
Ramkumar S.,
Umadevi R.
Cost effective solitary stage single phase inverter for solar PV integration in to grid International Journal of Renewable Energy Research International Journal of Renewable Energy Research - Article Scopus Electrical and Electronics
2018 Prabu L.,
Saravanakumar N.,
Rajaram G.
Influence of Ag nanoparticles for the anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of the mineral oil based nano-cutting fluid Tribology in Industry Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac 10.24874/ti.2018.40.03.10 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Ramakrishnan S.,
Arun M.,
Loganayagan S.,
Mugeshkanna M.
Strength and behaviour of geogrid reinforced concrete beams International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology IAEME Publication - Article Scopus Civil Engineering
2018 Subash Kumar C.S.,
Gopalakrishnan V.
Digital implementation of modified phase locked loop based harmonic extraction for shunt active filter Journal of Vibroengineering JVE International 10.21595/jve.2016.16679 Article Scopus Electrical and Electronics
2018 Manjuladevi R.,
Thamilselvan M.,
Selvasekarapandian S.,
Christopher Selvin P.,
Mangalam R.,
Monisha S.
Preparation and characterization of blend polymer electrolyte film based on poly(vinyl alcohol)-poly(acrylonitrile)/MgCl2 for energy storage devices Ionics Institute for Ionics 10.1007/s11581-017-2273-9 Article Scopus Physics
2018 Pavithra C.V.,
Vivekanandan C.
Bidirectional three port converter for power flow management of PV/battery-fed elevator system Journal of Vibroengineering JVE International 10.21595/jve.2017.19182 Article Scopus Electrical and Electronics
2018 Sasikiran P.,
Nagarjun J.
Analysis and evaluation of different heat treatment fixture designs inspired from 3D infill patterns Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering Pleiades Publishing 10.1007/978-981-13-1724-8_38 Book Chapter Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Gunasekharan S.,
Elangovan D.,
Reddy S.S.,
Maheswari M.
Real time implementation and validation of lean implementation model for sustainability (LIMS) in medium scale industry International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE) Science Publishing Corporation Inc 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.29.18453 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Aleem M.I.A.,
Priya T.S.
Enhancement of durability characteristics of geopolymer concrete with manufactured sand 6th International Conference on Durability of Concrete Structures, ICDCS 2018 Whittles Publishing Limited - Conference Paper Scopus Civil Engineering
2018 Nallasamy P.,
Saravanakumar N.,
Rajaram G.,
Rishwin Kumar R.K.
Experimental study on the tribological properties of CuO-based biodegradable nanolubricants for machine tool slideways International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering Inderscience Publishers 10.1504/IJSURFSE.2018.094771 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Vigneshwaran K.,
Rajeshkumar G.
Effect of Matrix Material on the Free Vibration Characteristics of Phoenix sp. Fiber Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites Materials Today: Proceedings Elsevier Ltd 10.1016/j.matpr.2018.02.001 Conference Paper Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Vijay Babu A.R.,
Srinivasa Rao G.,
Manoj Kumar P.
Experimental validation of an improved parametric model for an air breathing fuel cell Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems Institute of Advanced Scientific Research, Inc. - Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Devi K.S.,
Arunachalam V.P.,
Gunasekaran N.
Lean manufacturing concepts in wet grinder assembly line through value state mapping International Journal of Services and Operations Management Inderscience Publishers 10.1504/IJSOM.2018.092608 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Suresh Babu B.,
Chandramohan G.,
Boopathi C.,
Pridhar T.,
Srinivasan R.
Production and characterization of mechanical and microstructural behaviour of friction stir welded Al6063 composites reinforced with Gr/B4C/SiC particles Journal of Ceramic Processing Research Hanyang University - Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Reba P., Uma Maheswari G.,
Satheesh Babu M.
Multiple Antenna Selection for Underlay Cognitive Radio Systems with Interference Constraint Wireless Personal Communications Springer New York LLC 10.1007/s11277-017-4931-7 Article Scopus Electronics and Communication
2018 Karuppanan K.K.,
Panthalingal M.K.,
Biji P.
Nanoscale, catalyst support materials for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells Handbook of Nanomaterials for Industrial Applications Elsevier 10.1016/B978-0-12-813351-4.00027-4 Book Chapter Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Kumaresan K.,
Chandramohan G.,
Senthilkumar M.
Effect of silane-treated silicon carbide filler loading on tribo-mechanical study of bi-directional carbon/epoxy hybrid composite system Journal of Manufacturing Technology Research Nova Science Publishers, Inc. - Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
2018 Selvi R.T.,
Chandramohan G.
Case study on effective use of mind map in engineering education Proceedings - IEEE 9th International Conference on Technology for Education, T4E 2018 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. 10.1109/T4E.2018.00053 Conference Paper Scopus English
2018 Sumathi A.C.,
Akila M.,
Arunkumar S.
Study of CR based U-LTE co-existence under varying Wi-Fi standards Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Springer Verlag 10.1007/978-981-10-7398-4_38 Conference Paper Scopus Computer Science
2018 Jothibasu M.,
Karthik M., Malar E.,
Boopathy S.,
Senthil Kumar M.
Improved reversible data hiding through image using different hiding and compression techniques International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication - Article Scopus Electronics and Communication
2018 Sivaraman V.,
Saravanakumar N.,
Rajaram G.,
Arunachalam R.M.,
Venkatesan S.
Corrosion behavior of a Ni–TiO 2 nanocomposite coated by pulse electrodeposition High Temperature Material Processes Begell House Inc. 10.1615/HighTempMatProc.2018020876 Article Scopus Mechanical Engineering
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