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Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2020 - Anna University Online Examinations" is 83.15%    
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2020 - Anna University Online Examinations" is 83.15%   
Seven Days NSS Camp to Arugampalayam, Coimbatore (14/03/2017 to 20/03/2017)
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" quoted Mahatma Gandhi years ago. The NSS crew of PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research were no different from this. The students were quite curious about the week that followed. They sketched a perfect plan and geared up for the great start.

DAY 1:
It was 14thof March,2017.The NSS camp began with a momentous start.We commenced the day by cleaning the school premises. The day-1 also marked the inaugural ceremony which took place in the presence of our Principal, Dr.P.V.Mohanram, Vice Principal, Dr.G.Chandramohan, our beloved faculty coordinators of NSS, Mr.P.Chinnaraj and Mrs.V.Vilasini. We also had Mr.R.Jagannathan,the head of Arugampalayam village and Mrs.V.Pushpalatha,Headmistress of the Arugampalayam Government School who extended their support in organising the camp in their village.

DAY 2:
The next day, 15th of march 2017,we extended the work outside the school premises. Volunteers cleared blocks in the nearby water tanks. As part of the activity, they were also involved in planting samplings along the roadside. It is true that only those who attempt the absurd can attain the greatest wisdom in life. The NSS team came forward to work tirelessly even on the toughest tasks assigned. T hate vening was occupied with thoughtful skits role-played by the students themselves. There was also a debate headed by Dr.Aramuthakannan, Professor, Department of mathematics. The students made a witty argument on the topic: 'Inner peace? City life or country life?' The team continued to prove their skills in every genre of task assigned to them.

DAY 3:
The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade we don't expect to sit. The 3rd day of the NSS camp sowed new hopes for the future. The volunteers finished planting samplings around the Arugampalayam locality. After having a hearty lunch prepared by the volunteers, there were a number of games organised for the NSS team. The management games focused on building one's ability to coordinate and improvise team spirit. They also taught many good values of life through fun-filled ways. It helped the students get a break off their schedule, building their interests the next time on work. Dr.Jayakumar, Head of Physics Department, PSGiTECH addressed the people that evening. He gave a beautiful talk titled 'The contribution of today's youth for a better tomorrow'. His ideas were truly motivating and inspiring.

DAY 4:
Yoga helps sharpen one's mind improving their mental clarity and calmness. To help create strength awareness and harmony in mind, the NSS team made their routine mornings packed with simple yogic techniques. After an hour long session, they set to out to work. the first task for the day was to uproot 'Seemaikaruvelam' plants along the roadside. These plants were dangerous enough to kill cattles and also caused dermatitis to the people around. The team was cautious enough and made sure most of these were uprooted. Some of our volunteers were also involved in setting up the drip irrigation system. They began their priliminary work on this. Byevening, Mrs.M.Tamilselvi, Faculty, Department of English, PSGiTech, spent her time with us. She also made an interactive session with the school children where she spoke on the topic 'Building Self-confidence'. She captured the little hearts by way of her lively and practical talks.

DAY 5:
The 5th day of camp turned out to be more appealing. The volunteers engaged themselves in painting the school premises. Also, there were various sports organised for the tiny tots. The volunteers divided themselves into teams and conducted games which the little ones participated with utmost enthusiasm. That evening turned out to be the best part of the entire camp. Mrs.Shoba and Ms.Rudra, faculties from 'WELLNESS CENTRE', PSG iTECH, interacted with the students on stress-management and plenty other life goals.They cleared queries asked by the students which helped them gain some confidence to balance their tough life.

DAY 6:
Even after decades of freedom, India is struggling to provide basic health care services to the needy people. The volunteers came up with a sketch to conduct a one-day medical camp for the villagers. Thus the Sunday,19th march,2017 turned out to be a busy day for the whole crew. They actively went around to distribute flyers informing people about the diagnosis camp being held. There were about 118 people who attended the camp and they were provided comprehensive health services free of any cost. Few of our volunteers were also involved in setting up a drip irrigation system in a nearby farm. This was followed by a gripping talk from our Professor, Head of EEE Department, Dr.C.L.Vasu who interacted with the students on the topic 'Individual being and societial change'. The team then portrayed their moral ideas in the form of short role-plays.

DAY 7:
The painting work was completed by the final day. A meeting was scheduled in which each of them spoke about their experience, learning and opinion about the entire camp. The volunteers also organized rallies and voiced their thoughts on various trending issues.This was followed by the valedictory function presided by our Principal Dr.P.V.Moharam, VicePrincipal Dr.G.Chandramohan who were truly delighted in witnessing the event to be a great success. Our faculty coordinator, Mr.P.Chinnaraj summarized the camp report. Also Mrs.V.vilasini, faculty coordinator, NSS, extended her sincere thanks to everyone who were involved in taking this event to the next level.
We left the Arugampalayam village with some indelible memories and beautiful values to be carried forward. The content of serving people filled our hearts with bliss.