PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "April/May 2023 - Anna University Examinations" is 84.67% (Before Revaluation)    
Programmes Offered
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "April/May 2023 - Anna University Examinations" is 84.67% (Before Revaluation)   
Programmes Offered

Industry-Institute Interaction Cell

Objective & Roles
Student Virtual Internships
Students Industrial Visits
Faculty Industrial Visits
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Prime Objective

    Build Industry-Institute Interactions by applying engineering concepts for the societal development and organic growth of students and faculty.
Roles of Industry-Institute Interaction Cell
Promoting the following activities:

1. Internship for students and faculty in
  • Industries
  • Institutions of higher learning
  • Research laboratories (e.g. CSIR labs, DRDL, HAL, HEML, ISRO etc.,)
2. Faculty training in industries

3. Planning and monitoring of Industry visits

4. MoUs with Industries/ Institutions

5. Guest lectures, workshops, placement support activities

6. Industry-Academia Conclave

7. Organizing programmes and establishing laboratories with Industry support

Industry Academia Conclave

The primary goal of engineering education is to impart technical knowledge, to train them in the areas of relevant skills pertaining to their specialization and to attune their attitude to be effective contributors to the engineering community.

In order to realize the above goal, it is necessary that our students have regular interaction with industry experts, regarding the industry culture, their expectations from engineering graduates, besides, the knowledge of latest technologies in various disciplines. Visit to industries, listening to lectures by industry personnel, internships in industries, participation in industry based competitions are other avenues, through which students could be exposed to the industry environment for their fulfillment in the career.

Students need to be mentored with the right industry perspective and they have to be imparted the right input, regarding the subjects and topics. Comprehensive skill-training of student is possible only with the support of industry personnel. Importance of child-like curiosity, being in the present moment, creativity, cherishing the importance of art, relishing all activities, being reverential towards nature, adhering to values etc. are required to gain holistic education in colleges.

Department Coordinators

Dr. R.Rajkumar
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Civil Engineering
Mr. M. Senthilvel
Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)
Mechanical Engineering
Mr. S. Ravikrishna
Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)
Student Virtual Internships
The virtual internship was handled by a team of keen engineers, with rich industrial experience in the fields of networking, cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, Web and mobile application development and industrial automation.
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The Department of Civil Engineering has organized an Online Internship on “STAAD - PRO CONNECT EDITION” from 13.07.2020 to 09.08.2020 in association with Bentley Institute, Pune. The total number of participants registered for this course was 64 from our institution. The session was a full hands on training session about the design of an entire building using Staad Pro software.
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Considering the current Covid situation to avoid the movement of students, maintain social distancing and prevent from infection due to exposure to different environment, PSGitech and Roots have come up with "Virtual Internship Programme" for the benefit of students. This programme would enable the students to understand the applied Engineering Concepts followed in industry and connect the same to their subjects of study.
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Faculty Industrial Visits
Engrow Carbon Energy Pvt. Ltd. are consultants for dye industry, who are looking at converting conventional wood fired boilers to gasifier + boiler technology. Most of the dye industry still uses conventional wood fired boilers which are less efficient. Gasification of the wood to produce ‘syn gas’ and burning ‘syn gas’ in boiler for steam production is a much efficient way to produce steam.
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An Industrial visit to M/S Sandfits Foundries Private Limited”, located at Ravathur Pirivu, Kannampalayam Coimbatore was organized on Saturday, 12th December 2020 (Saturday) from 10 am to 3 pm.
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Mr R Senthilvel Asst. Prof, from Mechanical Engineering Department went for a four day “Hands On Training On FESTO” which was held at FESTO INDIA PVT LTD, Chennai from 19-11-18 to 22-11-18. In this hand on training, the faculty got an opportunity to focus on two main aspects. 1.Design of advanced pneumatic and electropneumatic circuit for industrial applications. 2.Built the circuit in the workstation and test the working condition and also understand the troubleshooting methodology.
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