PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2020 - Anna University Online Examinations" is 83.15%    
PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research
Pass percentage of our students during "Nov/Dec 2020 - Anna University Online Examinations" is 83.15%   
“Android Programming” conducted from 28th June, 2016 to 2nd July,2016
Android, an open source and Linux-based operating system, is used for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. A five day Course on “Android Programming” was conducted for the students to help them formulate solutions to well-defined problems, implement the logic in Java and get trained in the basic skills in Android Studio to implement the Android application. The entire course was divided into 5 days. 50 students from II CSE were the beneficiaries and were trained by Mr. Raghavendra and Mr. Rakesh of Starworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. 

Day 1 – 28th June, 2016: As a pre-requisite for Android Programming, the students were trained in the basics of Java Programming by Mr. S. Thivaharan, Assistant Professor and Mr. Pon Harshavardhanan, Assistant Professor (SG), both from Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The student gained the skill in creation of classes and objects, packages, threads and handling exceptions.

Day 2 – 29th June, 2016: The session was handled by the trainers of Starworks Technologies. The pre-lunch session began with a quick review of Java concepts continued by the training on installing Android Studio with suitable software requirements. Following that an introduction to Android OS, Android libraries and application framework were given by the trainers.
In the post-lunch session the trainers explained the components of Android Applications and demonstrated the creation of a sample app to display a message. The anatomy of an Android application which should be known by every app developer before running any app was also taught.
End of the day activity - The students were teamed up and they zeroed in on the apps that they have to develop.

Day 3 – 30th June, 2016: Demonstration on creating activities, designing the GUI and coding was done by the trainers. Based on this the team of students started developing a sample app so as to attain skills in choosing the appropriate widget and designing the GUI in xml view and the coding the interface in Java. Any developer requires the ability not only to develop the code, but to test it for the desired output. The pre-lunch session ended with debugging the app created by the teams and testing for its functionality.
Traversing between the app is another important feature to have interactivity. The post-lunch session focused on creating filters, namely Intent filter, to move between the activities and to establish the link between the screens. The trainers insisted on creating the various types of logs, from which any developer can check for the activities that happened including the bugs.
End of the day activity - The teams were intimated to draw the sketch of the screens for their respective apps planned while coming for the next day’s session.

Day 4 – 1st July, 2016:  The trainers began the day with an interesting feature of sending e-mail from an app. The participants were very enthusiastic to test their app that sent e-mail to their friends. To design a proper e-mail framework, the trainers explained on the need of using proper layouts and facilitated to implement the same in their apps.
In the post-lunch session, the trainers demonstrated on creating a list of contents. To add curiosity to what the participants were developing, the trainers guided them to make a phone call from their app. The students were happy when their app responded to their code to make a call and were able to converse.
End of the day activity -The faculty members of the department supported the trainers in verifying the activities of the participants and checked on the outline of the screen drawn by the teams. The teams were informed to complete the app by the next day.
Day 5 – 2nd July, 2016: Any software or program developed should be capable enough to store the data for processing. The pre-lunch session was completely dedicated to demonstrate how data could be saved and retrieved. This enabled students to carry out the processes in the successive activities. The trainers guided the teams to perform this task and informed them to finish their development by 4.00pm.
In the post-lunch session, the trainers were fully engaged in clarifying the doubts asked by the students in their apps and finally the teams presented their apps.

The presentation scenario
The teams were invited to present their app and explain the necessity of the app, the components they used in the creation of the app. Hostel Manager, Expense Manager, Bon Anniversaire, ViewC, iTech Map, iTech App, Book Here, AtApp, iTech Fest, Food Hunt and Course Outline were the Apps that were created by the students.