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Festo Lab
Tackling Skill Shortages in
Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly high-tech as it is changing rapidly from mass production to mass customization. A well educated workforce is essential for the growth of a company and critical for driving the economy.
Dr. Nader Imani,
CEO, Festo Didactic, Inc.


As manufacturers are trying to regain momentum, many are facing well-documented challenge: A significant gap between the talent they need to keep growing their businesses, and what they can actually find. As manufacturing is becoming increasingly high-tech on the factory floor and also in back offices where data from machinery is analyzed, these skill deficiencies have a significant impact on the companies ability to expand operations and improve productivity.

About Festo:

Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology and world market leader in industrial training and development. Headquartered in Esslingen, Germany, the independent family company has become the performance leader in its industry with a global presence in 176 countries. 300,000 customers worldwide rely on Festo innovations and problem- solving competence in all aspects of automation, as well as its unique range of industrial training solutions and education programs. Of Festo 17,600 employees worldwide, 820 are in the education division and provide more than 3,500 seminars in 26 languages per year.

Training and Education for Employability:

In today high-tech world, skilled workers require both, practical experience in the industrial environment, and fundamental knowledge of advanced technologies. These two pillars provide the foundation of the German dual education system which enables students to connect their theoretical knowledge with the real demands of production. This training prepares students to solve problems and to effectively contribute to the productivity of the company they work for.

About PSGiTech-Festo Didactic

As part of a world leading producer of automation solutions, Festos education division, Festo Didactic, offers training programs and consultancy for manufacturing companies and equips educational institutions for technical training via open seminars, in-house training courses and workshops.

Training programs are offered for teachers, students, engineers and technicians and provide comprehensive training in mechatronics, automation technologies, process optimization, information technologies and communication. Learning systems and training modules can be combined and scaled to cater to the range of demands of different industrial sectors and educational programs. As a global partner for companies, countries, universities and schools Festo Didactic plans and provides solutions that foster the development of sustainable industrial skills and contributes to the competitiveness of companies in the global markets.

PSGiTech Festo Didactic sophisticated learning systems offer students a direct axis to industrial knowledge and technologies. These learning systems place students in real life situations and enable them to quickly gain practical experience of high tech components used in factory and process automation. The systems cover all relevant fields of automation and manufacturing from mechatronics, electrical engineering and logistics to production process optimization. These intuitive learning systems are complimented by solutions that train problem solving skills, communication and quality management.